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Is it Hooker or Whore??

Prostitution has been called “the world’s oldest profession”.

Why? Power? Money? or maybe importunity?

Many people believe that men have the power in this world simply because they are bigger than woman and physically stronger than women. While it is generally true that men are physically stronger than women, there is an even more powerful truth behind that truth which was dramatized by “The Trojan Women”. Have you ever heard the old saying, “Behind every powerful man, there is a woman”? Remember  Mickey Mouse had Minnie.

Ever since the beginning of recorded human history, men have found two simple solutions to their problem of intolerable sexual frustration. I don’t include happily married men who are able to maintain their marriages without ever cheating, but I am including the married men who do cheat. A solution for men is prostitution and it is extremely common for men to use prostitutes so that they can live out fantasies which they cannot or will not enjoy with their wives. Nowadays women are able to earn money by using their non-sexual talents and abilities, but many women still choose to do it by renting their bodies and that’s self-evident because of the great number of very intelligent prostitutes.


Pornography really began to flourish after the development of the Kodak camera. Prior to the invention of photographs, drawings were created by horny men who were not very good artists. Many women believe that pornography is all about degradation of women by men who are exploiting them. Betty Page, the very first photographed “pin-up girl”, would have disputed that theory from her own personal experience. Betty discovered that she was extremely turned on by being photographed in sexy poses. Men quickly discovered an almost universal desire to look at photographs of nude women. Almost immediately after Betty’s photos were published, many other women discovered the same desire in themselves and began to fantasize about being able to do the same thing that Betty did.

Hugh Hefner was in the right place at the right time with the right concept, and he accumulated an enormous fortune by publishing the first mass magazine that featured beautiful nude women. Do you remember who the first centerfold was? It was Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was already becoming a movie star and she certainly didn’t need to put herself out to the public that way. Within a very short amount of time, other pornographic magazines sprung into existence because so many men were jealous of Hefner and were attempting to do the same thing. There was never a shortage of willing female models and it’s ridiculous to believe that all of them allowed themselves to be degraded. Right?

One serious problem for prostitutes has traditionally been how to get paying clients without the risk of physical danger. The newest solution to that problem is the internet. The number of women who have posted pornographic photos to the internet is beyond calculation and there are a prodigious number of prostitutes who have discovered its safe marketing power.Talk about sexual power!

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What is in papa’s pocket??


( this is an early post. papa’s day is tomorrow, and miss toy has got to be w/her big daddie).

The revolution in fashion has created a lot of changes in men’s underwear.

Designers every now and then, reinvent briefs and boxer shorts.  The difference between the two is basically in the size and fit. Briefs are smaller, thus they fit perfectly to the body of men.

Recently, arguments have been created as to which between the two   will be beneficial to men’s fertility. According to some, tight briefs generate a lot of heat. Get me a fan. They say that heat can cause infertility that is why a lot of brief patrons have shifted from their usual underwear.

Another viable reason is that briefs prevent movement of the penis.(let me outta here!!)  It can be said that constant exercise by the penis will help in stimulating and erecting it.  In addition, the blood will flow more freely enabling the penis to serve its purpose.

What do you think? Can sperm sterilization be caused by sudden increase of temperature in the testes?

Some experiments and the results suggested that the claim on briefs causing heat is purely exaggeration. They say briefs do not generate enough heat to disturb the balance in men’s reproductive organs.  To boot, there is no significant distinction observed in terms of the temperature of the testes after using a brief and a boxer short.  Moreover, the preference to use a brief or a boxer short has no effect in the fertility of men. Therefore, the advice
given to men to use boxer shorts instead of briefs is proven as scientifically and medically baseless.

Maybe? But what is that saying…”say it long enough and loud enough some one will pay attention.”

The facts clearly indicate that choosing between a brief and a boxer short should not be based on fertility issues.  Since, there are no significant differences, style and comfort will be the determinants in selecting the best underwear.  Let me end by asking, tightie whitiesballoon seaters, or commando?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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Oil and Water really don’t mix

Are you satisfied with your sex life? Could things be betta? Need a lil’ spice in the bedroom?

Using sexual lubricants during sexual intercourse, masturbation and for use with sex toys enhances the experience for most people. The slippery texture of a lubricant adds to the sensual feel of almost any sexual encounter with a partner or when you are engaged in self-pleasure.  It can also help those women who’s bodies don’t manufacture enough natural lubricant.

It is very important to use the correct lubricant for the sexual activity and other sexual items involved. Certain lubricants disintegrate condoms, others will destroy sex toys, some work better for anal sex and prefferred for masturbation.

There are four types of lubricants: Water-based, petroleum-based, those made from natural oils, and silicone-based. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Water-based lubes: These are the most versatile, safe and popular lubricants for all situations. Typically made of de-ionized water, glycerin, and propylene glycol, they’re safe to use with condoms and all forms of barrier birth control. It is rare that water-based lubricants cause irritation, (be not impossible) and they don’t stain clothing. They are safe to ingest, and they come in both flavored and unflavored varieties. They tend to dry out over extended periods, but a little water or saliva will get you slick again.

Petroleum-based lubes: These include Vaseline products, mineral oil products and baby oil. Unfortunately, these products all destroy latex, so they cannot be used with condoms, cervical caps or diaphragms. In addition, they can inflame and irritate the vagina. They also stain clothing. Petroleum-based lubes do tend to last well, so they are often used by men during masturbation.

Natural oil-based lubes:  These are derived from natural oil sources such as nuts or vegetables. Like petroleum-based lubes, they too destroy latex (condoms, diaphragms and cervical caps) and stain clothing. However, they do have one key advantage over petroleum-based lubes: they don’t cause vaginal irritation. This makes them excellent for female [and male] masturbation, unprotected vaginal intercourse, and for massage.

Silicone-based lubes:  These have the benefits of water-based lubricants with the addition of being waterproof, so they may be used in the bath, or the Jacuzzi, or… In addition, they tend to lubricate longer than water-based lubes. Silicone will not hurt latex, so they’re safe with condoms and other forms of barrier birth control; however, they can affect adult toys made from silicone.

So, pick a personal lubricant that’s compatible with your sexual activity,body chemistry, and any birth control or sex toys you are using. There are many companies manufacturing each type of sexual lubricant, so if you don’t like the consistency, scent or other qualities of one lube you have plenty of other choices. Enjoy yourself!

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