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Wanna go get Naked??!!

One night stands have never appealed to me, I know several people who would not mind indulging in a bit of casual sex without any hope or binding that it should culminate in a serious relationship. As a general rule, men do not have too many hang-ups about such indulgences. There are a lot of women too, who are not keen on getting into any commitment and can agree to this kind of casual sex with their dating partners. There are very heavy chances though, that during your dating life, you will get into a situation, what I term as reverse-payback. This means that while you get mentally attached to a person who you indulged with, for a quickie, but before you know it, they’ve left you.

If you are seriously contemplating to indulge only in these casual sex encounters, you have to hype up your seduction powers: abundance of humor, charm and the ability to tease your way through, so that your plan bears fruit faster. So if you are in a public arena, move quickly to a more private, romantic and secluded place, where you can communicate one-to-one. While you move away from the public glare, pump up your seducing prowess to the hilt.

In case you are in a quandary, as to which person to select for such a sexual escapade, the right target are those who you have an instant chemistry with. Through the right communication, glances, touches, the instant chemistry “clicks” – and you have found the right person. Please don’t judge these folks as “easy” or “cheap” – it is simply that they are “readily available” at that moment.  But beware, such people fall in to the far side of the range – from “super-easy” to super-rigid” – and all along you must have to practice the basic principles of self-discipline and controlled behavior.

How you manage a one night stand depends primarily on your personality and your requirements. There are many instances where a one night stand has culminated in a brief romantic interlude. Please note that it’s hard to graduate from a one night quickie and glide into a steady, trusted and stable relationship. The basis of almost all short to long-term relationships is, a far more lengthier period of romancing rather than jumping into frenetic sex.

It is beneficial for you to remember one basic fact: honesty is the best policy, even in bed! While you are in the seduction process, be honest and truthful about your intentions, face up to whatever you are committing – do not glib talk your way through right into bed ! For the simple reason, lies ultimately don’t take you anywhere. Not only is deception dishonorable, you do get paid back in your own coin, sooner or later. So, not to scare you with concepts of bad “karma” but as an adult, you know that every action you take today, will pave the way for your tomorrow.

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O.K. let’s do this….. !

Everybody seems obsessed by different sex techniques, all that “how to” or “tips ”, but how about impulsiveness and spontaneity. Have we lost it? The sex essence, impulsive desire, passionate sex, when both of you are so horny and want it now. Seems like we forgot about the pleasure of a spontaneous quickie. Most of us prefer to bring books and magazines to our bedrooms and make it a kind of sex seminar instead of simply having pleasure and enjoying.
Let’s make this clear….  quickie doesn’t mean bad sex, or not quality sex. It’s just a variant of it and having sex in a forbidden place or situation may actually bring you closer to your partner and improve your relationship. It’s like sharing with your partner something nobody else can share and creating a tight intimate connection between the two of you. It’s like having a secret no one but you two will ever know.
The additional dose of adrenaline and the thought of being discovered while having quickie in a public place….well…AWESOME!  By the way, where was the last public place you sucked and fucked? The naughtiness of the situation will wind up both of you and lead to a very passionate and delicious sex, which actually can be much better than the common sexual intercourse you have in your beds.
I know the next question. What about the foreplay? The importance of which has been discussed and highlighted in hundreds of articles and books on sexology. Skip it, the adrenaline in your blood will compensate for any foreplay. Quickie sex is about experimenting. It’s a good chance to apply your sexual creativeness and sex fantasies in the real world. Picture your lover held against the wall, or bend over the stares with her breasts outside the bra, her panties around her knees, it can easily be an erotic fantasy.
So, what holds you back from having quickies? Some people think that by showing their partner that they want quick sex they offend them in some way. But in fact, if you’re horny and lusting for your partner, wanting quick sex will only assure your partner that you still want him/her.
The most amazing thing about a quickie is freedom. There is no right place or time for quickie. It’s only up to you and your imagination not any circumstances. Any circumstance doesn’t matter if you want it now, and if you want it badly. No doubt you will find both place and time, as there is variety to choose between. Look around how many options you have: office table, garden hedge, even toilet will do if you’re really desperate. Keep your feelings fresh and experiment with them. Enjoy, just try not to hurt the esthetic feelings of unwilling witnesses.

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Arsenic, Ol’ Lace and a Boner


So, the generation gap is alive and well when it comes to many issues in our society. Sex is one of them and so the older generations are turning to the internet as the perfect place to freely talk about it. Their younger co-workers, friends, and certainly their own children don’t want to discuss it with them. GROSS!! Can you see asking your daddy “cockrings or anal beads?” These days more and more people are living healthier lifestyles until late in life. This means there is no reason why someone over the age of 50 can’t be face down ass up. It doesn’t matter if they have been with the same person for years or if they are newly on the market. FRESH-MEAT!

There is a great deal of information to be found online too about how sex is for those over 50. Really….. kids…. anyone at any age. Individuals who are experiencing low libido, E.D. or a variety of other problems that are sexual in nature can find out more about it. WHOOSH! That is why it is called the information supa-highway. People can get support because they know that they aren’t alone in what they are going though. A person can simply choose to read articles that are posted online. Search engines are a great way to be able to narrow down the topics searches on. You can collect the information you want from the privacy of your home without feeling self-conscious about it. This is also why Adult and Porn websites are booming.

Anyway, there are plenty of forums where other people can read your posts and respond to them (something I have been looking for here. Hint…hint). And you can do your part by reading what others need and responding. This is a great way to give back the support that has been given to you along your road to sexual happiness.

It seems that there are more and more individuals of all ages out there sharing their stories of having sex. Some of them are fun while others are full of questions. Does size matter? Does your girlfriend have a big pussy? Are wrinkles on the ball-sac sexy? You do need to make sure that you get reliable information though. Just because there is something written on the internet doesn’t make it true. DO I NEED TO REPEAT THAT?!

Still, what you do get from other people who have been through similar experiences can give you something to think about. Besides who doesn’t like to see a pic of a nice dick?

Oh, sorry kids Richard is calling….. .

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Age is a number, but dialing can wear you out!!!!

Maintaining your Sex Drive as you get Older

Maintaining your sex drive as you get older is very important to most people. Sex is a satisfying part of their lifestyle and not one they want to lose. It is normal for a person’s sex drive to diminish some though as they get older. Specifically those over 50 may find it is harder to get into the mood or even to get your body to physically comply with what you want to do.

There are some things you can do though to help you maintain your sex drive as you get older. Living a healthy lifestyle is going to make a very significant impact for you so don’t blow it off. What you choose to do today is going to affect your health and your level of sexual desire as you get older. Put the candy bar down.

Eating a well balanced diet is something you should incorporate into your life. If you aren’t doing it now, then start to make some small changes. As time goes on you will adjust to them and they will become a second nature to you. Consuming too much caffeine can be a problem. If you aren’t getting all the vitamins and nutrients that you need from food, make sure you take a quality supplement.

Make sure you take the time to exercise at least 30 minutes each day as well.  And yes, I find this hard to do. Walking is very common for older individuals as it is low impact but very good for the body. Some malls and other locations have indoor walking clubs too which are perfect when the weather turns cold. Being happy with your body is also important. Too many people start to notice all the small details as they get older. I mean really, gravity hits everyone. They will see every line, wrinkle, lump, hump, and bump on their body so they aren’t comfortable during sex. They don’t have much self confidence that they are desirable. They aren’t able to let go and enjoy what is taking place because they are too focused on such details.

Let me ask you….. . Do you know someone like that?

Reducing the amount of stress in your life is important. The toll it can take on both your body and your mind is more than most of us imagine. Not everyone can be worry free when they are older though. If your finances or relationships aren’t in the best format, it can be hard to get past it. Can the church say Amen??  I have noticed that when a relationship is in trouble…. sex is the first thing that goes.  ADIOS. Do your very best though to reduce as many stressful issues from your life as you can.  Stupid people.

It will certainly help with your sex drive because you won’t be preoccupied with other things.

Both men and women have the ability to be turned on sexually until a very late age in life. Get things poppin’ again with a sex toy(s). I am happy to recommend what I can, but take some time and check out http://www.keeping-secrets.com. It’s very discreet and very private


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Hey…psst…..heeeey …how is it hangin’?

Dildos were probably the first sex toys.

Across the globe, stone, wood, and other raw materials resembling a phallus have been dug up at different archeological sites. Now let’s fast forward a couple of centuries. The rubber dildo did not bounce onto the scene until the 1960’s. Really makes you cringe as to what people were using before. Right?

Now, someone correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t manufacturers’ use PVC filler for a while to make dildos? G-R-O-S-S! Then someone figured out, “hey this stuff works great with pipes too.”  And the rest is history.

  Dildos come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are mostly used for vaginal and/or anal penetration. Now, there are some dildos that look and feel like a natural dick. They have flesh like color, balls, and even synthetic hair. Yousa!  Then there are some that are neon colored, ribbed, and very flexible. While still others are “couture” (designer dix) and that customization is what some people look for. Bottom line is every adult wants their sexual desires fulfilled, and these days they can get it.

I’m gonna do something a bit different here. Last week, I was asked to review some of the toys at my site.

If you have not been to the site…. well here is the address www.keeping-secrets.com.  Anyway, here are my thoughts on Dick, Peter, and Mr. Johnson…. .

Basix 12in Dong W/Suction FleshThe color was not appealing. And I really did not understand the suction flesh thingy. But, the feel was really rather real. It was super easy to clean.

Scene Stealer Solid Dong, Natural-  The 47 other folks who reviewed this were right on target (mini SW episode I  reference). This is just fantastic. The look, feel, size,…..everything is great.

Black Label Cyberskin Gonzo Cock– My friend James tried this one. James said the cyberskin is what made this different. The sensation was really smooth. Kinda sounds like a booze reference not a dick review.

Lastly, here are some vital points that I think most folks should understand. One, have fun. Dildos are about pure pleasure so enjoy.  Two, get your toys from a dealer you trust. Many sex toy sellers/resellers get product(s) from China, Russia, and other countries whose product standards are not as high as the U.S. Lastly, please be careful. When you use these things on yourself or someone else pay attention to the curves and byways of the body. Rammin’ it in can cause alotta pain. Didn’t someone once say precaution is better than band-aids?

I always wanna hear from you.

Let me know what you think.

Miss Toy

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