Gay or Agatha’s Mystery Dinner Theater?

Am I Gay? I guess this is a question a lot of young people will have asked themselves during their confusing adolescent years. Of course, there are the  lucky ones – the majority –  ( you know the popular kids). Those people for whom their sexuality has never been in any doubt. Not to be one of the majority…..not have the same appetite for the opposite sex does not immediately make anyone gay.

Faced with this feeling of being different, young men and women may react in many different ways. Only a few will cope with the situation easily. Some may become reclusive; some may turn to bullying others; some to drink and drugs. This act, and the feeling of a need to prove themselves to their family and friends, will often only exasperate the problem. It is a time when some may even come to consider suicide! (that’s a new kinda hell)

Puberty, arrives at different times for different people. There is nothing wrong about being a late developer – talk about late. I just discovered people actually get gray pubic hair-. And even once everything is found to be in working order, it is quite normal for the feelings and the desires that arrive around this time to be “strange”, to say the least! The sudden explosion of hormones the body has to try to make some sense out of can for some bring forth quite peculiar urges, fascinations, and attractions.  It could be a teacher; it may be a friend – it could be anyone.

Sexual orientation is not hereditary. It is what you are.

Being gay does come with some burdens that heterosexuals never have to face.   For instance, there is the gay scene – known by all to be notoriously promiscuous – and although it is representative of less than a quarter of all gay people it is what a gay person will always be seen as being a part of. Next there is the whole “coming out” saga. Should you come out to family and friends, at work,… knuckle up or shut-up?? And last  staying “in the closet”, it will not be without some implications.

We now come to the crunch question: How do I know if I am gay? Ouch! These sit-ups hurt. I suppose the simple answer is – you just know.  Gay, straight or bisexual, – you are you, and you are unique. Whatever sexuality you may be, no two people are ever exactly the same – not even identical twins. Be proud of who and what you are!

-miss toy


Here is a crude question, what makes you “cum”?

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10 thoughts on “Gay or Agatha’s Mystery Dinner Theater?

  1. I make myself come. What does that make me? Just wondering.

    • miss toy says:

      hopefully fulfilled!

    • Quinta says:

      about time!! Everyone knew, and it wasnt a big deal. My mom said she had known since I was 3! I thought the strgiaht guys would mind, but non did. It is still hard though. I know my dad knows BC my sister has talked about it with him (b4 I told her) and he said I just hope he will one day be able ot talk to me about it . And even though I know he knows, I just still cant tell him.Also, it has to be the right time for you, you have to be okay with it. I still have trouble. As for high school, I got made fun of a lot and I think it might have been worse had I been oout. There was a guy who was at my school and they did an article about him in the HS paper and he said it was hard to live with. Even if it might have been worse, I also think it would be easier when someone would say you’re so gay or HOMO, you could be like yea and haha maybe it would be easier.

  2. You can certainly see your expertise within the work you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

    • miss toy says:

      glad you liked the post.
      please, forward it, or copy paste the link to others you feel may like it.

      my thing is information.
      come listen to my podcast sometime

    • Robin says:

      christopherreality is this-if youre gay-its like being left handed-as opeopsd to being right-handed.i went on three times to California-to visit with my best friend and neighbour.on my third trip-soon after-i wrote a fourteen page coming out letter.then he stopped communicating with me-and it was over.we were just good me or reject me. -the best thing we could all do-is come then will be a people my age-are so 20th century.young people i know well look at it as no big deal.i feel liberated.two guys know-they are so comfortable with guy went to Columbia College in Chicago-a very gay-friendly school-and a star wrestler in school-rumours he plays into.likes his guy friends guessing-hes str8.another guy i know-hes str8-still dates his hs-cheerleader-likes his trophy woman-so much.hes into fashion-wants to do porn-hangs out in boystown-so if youre str8 or gay-no big deal. enough with the closet.its for clothes-not people.

  3. Antonio says:

    One thing all these comments show is that conimg out is a quite variable experience. It does depend a lot on the person, the situation and the others to whom he comes out.Many have a good experience and receive affirmation and support. Some have a very bad experience. Recent research shows that 50% of Americans aged 18 and over agree that Homosexuality should be accepted by society. Acceptance does vary by age or generation. Among those 18-29, almost one-third (63%) agree with the statement. There is less support among older generations: 30-49, 51%; those 50-64, 48%; those 65+, 35%. I think it’s pretty good that just over one-third of OLD people accept the legitimacy of homosexuality.One of the more surprising findings for some people is that among traditional Christian groups, Catholics are the most accepting of the idea that homosexuality should be accepted by society. Over half (58%) of all Catholics and a whopping 72% of young Catholics accept the idea of the legitimacy of homosexuality. For other Christian groups the respective percentages are: Mainline White Protestants: 56%, 69%. For Black Protestants: 39%, 51%. for Evangelical Christians: 26%, 39%. Besides Catholic acceptance two other noteworthy findings: Young Blacks are much more accepting than their older generations, and, even Evangelical youth are increasingly more tolerant/accepting of homosexuality.These results show that young people have a much better climate in which to come out. Yea!!!But I’m still concerned about those in junior high and high school. So many (not just gays) are confused about a lot of things, not just sexual orientation or behavior. These years can be very difficult. There are all kinds of competitions during junior hi and high school.I have worked diligently for anti-bullying laws: the Matthew Shepherd Law at the Federal level and a new, expanded anti-bulling law here in NC,because of severe bullying og gays or those other kids perceive as being gay. Along with other minorities gays are frequently harassed, bullied, or beaten up just because they are gay. Some are driven to suicide.These young people should stand tall about their orientation. But they, more so than college students and other adult gays, must be circumspect about the decisions they make and the public ramifications of their decisions to come out.They, more than adults, require and deserve greater support and love. I long for the day, and will work tirelessly, that whenever we come out as gay, it will truly be no more exceptional than announcing that we are left-handed.BTW, I AM left-handed and you might be surprised that southpaws are teased, made fun of and must fit into a right-handed world.

  4. Mahi says:

    Mosaic DaveGoing off to college is an otrppoune time to come out if you’re concerned about how you’ll be treated in highschool. Nobody in college knows you or has any preconceptions. They have no attachment to how you should be or how you’re past should inform how you act now. I must say, though, I agree with Davey. There was one guy in our highschool who everyone thought was gay. The rumours were rampant and he was pretty obvious. I actually had a hand in outing him because I figured if people made fun of him they wouldn’t notice me. Strangely after the initial wave of Did you hear about ***? He confirmed he’s gay. it totally didn’t matter anymore. The fear of any situation that hasn’t happened yet is almost always worse than the situation itself.All the best however you choose to proceed! We’ve all been there and we’re all behind you.

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