Yes….I do listen to Bobby V.

Okay, okay I’m no saint, and yes I go to porn sites.  People do have various reasons for visiting such sites and there are more reasons why folks engage into this kind of “business” (for the upright entrepreneurs sorry for calling it business. LOL!) . Admit it or not internet porn stars and their movie companies earn BIG bucks. Porn sites have always been, and will always be, a moral issue. Most countries tried to regulate the creation and responsible use of the internet but failed.

Here is a question.  And yes, I know it’s random. Do porn stars work for just for the money, or do they really like it? Like I said…… random.

So, let’s see where was I? Oh, ok,… so, drives and urges are part of being a human. Listen, we take pleasure in different forms, different ways, and of course different levels. Here is where porn can factor in or not. Pleasure for me…. can be a sip of my favorite cocktail. A Sazerac always makes me happy. Someone else may enjoy taking some anal beads up the ass? The coin has two-faces….. so it’s fair to analyze why people (internet users and internet porn stars) are into this stuff.

I once overheard a group of women, giggling and blushing while telling stories about slut movies they secretly watched over the weekend. They’re comparing asses! One even jokingly said the tighter the ass the better.  Here is where the analyzing cums in. So, do we watch for pleasure? Gossip? Education?  Is it to be shared with a group or just for singular pleasure?

The internet has given us great information and freedom but always remember that with great freedom comes great responsibilities too.

A pleasure you can satisfy right now is checking out

Miss Toy always wants to hear from you.

What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “Yes….I do listen to Bobby V.

  1. The Lelo and Oh Mi Bod have become very popular.
    It depends on how comfortable your friend is with toys.
    The rabbit is a good choice for someone who is extremely comfortable with toys.
    The others I mentioned are a bit more subtle.

    • miss toy says:

      I have not tried the Lelo.
      Need to check into it.
      Thanks for the comment.
      if you have not already….. .
      Check out

      • Julieth says:

        I found your web site by way of the search eneings. Excellent information because it implies you might be undertaking an excellent career on your own optimization. Good luck to you and your company, I’ll check out once again shortly.

    • miss toy says:

      my thing…is information.
      i wanna get people talking.
      and not just that…. .
      i honestly, wanna get folks listening to each other as well.
      have you heard my podcast?

  2. Aby says:

    Excellent! I haven’t seen this video in more than 20 years! And throughout that time I awylas thought Cuddly Toy was his best hit. This hit was released around the same time Living Colour’s Cult Of Personality became a hit. That same year, Terence Trent D’Arby made waves with his brand of neo- and retro-funk/rock/soul fusion. The next year came Lenny Kravitz, and the Black Rock Movement was on. No longer would black rock be limited to Prince, Tina and pop.

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