Is that a hair on your nipple??

What is it with men and big boobs? Anatomically, these are glands which we humans use to feed our young. Studies say that the size of the breast depends on the support it gets from the chest.

“BOOBS DOWN!!” Is my battle cry. LOL!

Breast growth increases rapidly during pregnancy and typically, the size of the breast fluctuates throughout the menstrual cycle. All these years I thought it was just my hips. Usually, during old age, the breasts sag because the ligaments supporting it usually elongates.

Anyway, humans are the only animals in the kingdom which have breasts that are permanently swollen. POW!! Because of this, several studies have been made to find out the other functions of the breasts. Listen, does anyone have any ideas? According to scientists, animals mate when their partners are ovulating. Can the same be said of humans? I think not…..we fuck anytime.  Now, it’s said that the breast is the frontal counterpart of the buttocks. Now due to our upright posture, humans are more likely to copulate face to face. This gives new meaning to face down ass up…..right?,

On the flip-side, and despite the fascination folks have in the US for big boobs, there are some cultures which don’t think that it is a worthy area of study. We all know not all men, prefer big tits. The best size is always described as “small, and round” you know like apples, hard, firm and wide apart.”

Now of course these are the ranting’s of a woman whose breast size has always been small.

Questions anyone?

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5 thoughts on “Is that a hair on your nipple??

  1. Do you mind if I ask you a personal question? Have you ever had your belly-button licked?…

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