What does Daddie Want???

What questions have been asked for decades?                                    Image

Diamonds, are they really a girl’s best friend? Well, hell yes!

Vibrators, which one is best?  Any one you choose…right? I mean it’s not like you can go to the local pharmacy and consult w/the pharmacist about known attributes or side-affects.

And what do women want?

Ummm….. ? Well I could say a buncha things. Rattle off stuff like material things, love, independence or just sex?

And for the sake of argument we are gonna stick w/those 4 things

And I’m sorry….. . Did I say just sex? Sorry.

O.K. let’s start with material things since that is the least abstract.

So, do material things actually make us happy? A person could say they keep things ticking. If your lover buys you a diamond for whatever reason it will keep things interesting….. nes’ pa?  Did I spell that right?

And next up at bat…..  love. Now, this can either be a pain in the ass or a kiss on the cheek. Have you ever noticed when love is mentioned it seems to cause a lot of problems? I mean if you say it to the wrong person or hear it from the wrong person you cringe slightly. YIKES! The opposite is true. If you say I love you to the right person things get umm..rather righteous. Oh, sidebar a friend just told me that a person can only love someone for 2 years. Is that true?  Just 2 years? I think that she musta read that in some magazine.

Or maybe she read it on a public bathroom wall? Don’t forget to flush.

Now independence is a point that many of us forget about. You see independence is what you lose in a relationship. I say lose because things happen. You know, you start…. like always wanting or trying to keep your partner happy but wanting to do your own thing at the same time. I think the lack of independence is THE main reason why relationships breakdown. People suddenly realize that they have lost the freedom to fuck who they want to fuck.

And last but not least….sex. I see so many people walking around with that glazed deer-caught-in-the–headlights stare. For them sex has become some sort of trap. Fucking is like work. Missionary…doggie…69…cowgirl AND then cowgirl…69….doggie..missionary and round and round we go.Kids, let’s not forget women want it. Sex. Women want to feel desired. They don’t want to get bored.

So in the end the answer is women want all those things.

Actually, that is why I have set up my own business. You see selling adult toys: gives into material wants, aids in maintaining a person’s independence, of course is ALL about sex, and you can love yourself or love on someone else.

Miss Toy

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